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Decks are very popular in the Charlottesville area and a low cost way to add living space to your home and provide a place to rest and relax with friends along with outdoor dining. All deck surfaces, no matter what the material, must be maintained properly. Most decks are made of wood and all of them require Charlottesville deck staining maintenance as they are subject to the damaging effects of weather. It is vital that you have your deck cleaned and stained/sealed on a regular basis.

A deck that is poorly maintained will turn gray and begin to deteriorate due to dirt, mold and algae. The deck will ultimately succumb to these contaminants. Wood begins to splinter, which creates hiding places for more grime and dirt causing the wood to deteriorate even faster.

Charlottesville Deck washing

Preventing this can be easy if you have a professional pressure wash and stain your deck with a high quality sealer/stain. At Busy B we know the best stains to use. We have been in this business for decades in the Charlottesville deck staining area and know which stains to use and which stains to stay well clear of. Even some expensive stains are not worth their cost.

Before applying stain, the deck must be thoroughly washed with the proper chemicals and cleaned with a pressure washer to remove the dirt, grime and soil that has been deeply imbedded into the wood grains surface. Decks can be damaged easily if a nonprofessional washes the deck. Leave it in the hands of Busy B. We’ve washed thousands of decks and our wash process is second to none.


Charlottesville is loaded with concrete and aggregate stone. This type of cleaning is one of the hardest jobs in the pressure washing industry. Many a “weekend warrior” has decided to take this “easy” job on for a few hours only to find out it took them the entire weekend to wash their concrete and once completed, it didn’t look much different than when they first started. Only commercial grade professional pressure washing machines are capable of truly cleaning the dirt and grime.

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