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If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t do windows! That is because window cleaning is difficult, time consuming and can be dangerous.

It normally involves climbing on ladders, hanging out of windows and after many hours of work, they still have streaks and smear marks. Busy B Cleaning Services of Charlottesville, Virginia knows that your time is important. That is why we specialize in offering homeowners, like yourself, the professional services of a full-time window cleaning company.

Our standard window cleaning process includes a thorough 3 step cleaning process. Our trained technicians first hand scrape the exterior of your windows with specially designed blades made to safely scrape debris from your glass. This helps to remove the tough stuff liked baked on tree sap, acid rain, bird drippings, pollution and heavy dirt build up from the exterior of your windows.



Dirty screens make clean windows look dirty and hard rains deposit the screen dirt onto the windows. We at Busy B Cleaning Services in Charlottesville, VA recommend not only washing your windows, but washing your screens as well.

Screen cleaning is important not only for appearance purposes, but also for health reasons too. Dirty screens hold dust and allergens that can affect your respiratory system. All screens are washed by hand and then low pressure rinsed.


If your siding is dirty and moldy, we also recommend a thorough, deep hot water cleaning using our exclusive soft wash, low-pressure system. A surface sealant and mold inhibitor to keep the surfaces cleaner longer then follows this deep cleaning. During a rainstorm, water will run down the siding and onto windows and screens and begin causing premature dirt build up on your newly clean windows and screens. We recommend a completely cleaning of your exterior along with your windows.

We love it when our customers tell us how beautiful their home looks. We take pride in our work and we want your future business. Busy B cleaning services prides itself on our repeat and referral clientele.

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