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Welcome to Busy B Power Washing of Charlottesville, Virginia. Busy B offers quality house washing at reasonable prices. We have been in the business of washing houses for over 20 years in the Charlottesville area.
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Years ago, we at Busy B Power Washing noticed that contractors in the area were charging exorbitant prices for a house wash. Pressure washing contractors were charging between $400 and $800 to wash a simple vinyl sided house. Because there were so few contractors doing this type of work most homeowners were forced to pay these extremely high prices.

Busy B was founded on the principle that we will do a quality job at a reasonable price. Most of our Charlottesville house washes for vinyl sided homes cost $200, although some many be higher. As you can imagine, our Charlottesville competitors have had to adjust their prices.

Busy B has an exclusive soft, low pressure wash that will make your home look like brand new. Busy B Power Washing believes in quality, integrity and attention to detail at a reasonable cost.

This is why we have become the largest pressure washing company in Central Virginia. Our repeat and referral customers call us on a daily basis. We are grateful to know that our customers refer us to so many of their friends and family.

We also offer other services Charlottesville House Painting and Charlottesville Window Washing


Busy B Power Washing uses a low pressure cleaning system. We can even clean 3 story Charlottesville homes with this method. All chemicals are environmentally safe for aluminum siding, vinyl siding, wood siding and brick as well as plants and shrubs. High pressure washing can damage your home’s exterior and forces water under the siding which can lead to rotten wood and mold.

Keeping the exterior of your home clean is extremely important. It can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on maintenance costs. After all, what do you think the mold is doing on your home? Mold has to be kept off your home using a mold inhibitor as it is a health hazard and leads to serious damage, including deterioration of the siding and trim. It also detracts from the beauty of your home.

We washed a Charlottesville area home recently in the Forest Lakes subdivision that was for sale. The Charlottesville real estate agent reported that there had been a contract on the home, but if fell through because the house was so moldy. The home inspector noted it as an extreme health hazard and the buyers refused to go ahead with the deal. What a shame! It’s difficult enough to sell a house in the Charlottesville area and to have a deal fall through because the sellers didn’t want to pay $200 to have their housed wash is unfortunate at best.

Busy B Power Washing services are very affordable, especially when you consider the benefits of pressure washing your home in terms of future savings for home maintenance.

While pressure washing your home is very cost efficient, it is also important that you understand the correct methods in cleaning your home’s exterior and why it is better left to Busy B Power Washing. You can certainly attempt to power wash your home yourself.

We have seen and heard of many Charlottesville area residents cleaning their own home, however, without the proper equipment, appropriate cleaning products for the job, or the knowledge of how to safely operate a power washer without causing damage to your home, it may be in your best interest to hire a licensed and insured cleaning contractor like Busy B Power Washing instead.

Although Charlottesville Power Washing is labor intensive, cleaning your home’s exterior is not difficult with the proper commercial equipment. However, if done incorrectly it can certainly cost much more than what you initially tried to save by doing the work yourself. This also applies to hiring someone to do the work that is not qualified. We have seen “qualified, professional” contractors destroy decks, rip window screens and recently at a local major retailer, we noticed damaged concrete from a high pressure wash!

Just because someone owns a power washer doesn’t mean they are a trained professional. It is important for you to hire a pressure washing contractor that is punctual, is able to thoroughly explain their methods, can show you pictures of work that they have completed, and has documented referrals to back up their claims of being the best. This assures that your home will be cleaned correctly and without damage, providing beautiful results.

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